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About Us

“Working Together: Making a Difference"

The Central Alberta Regional Consortium (CARC) is one of seven regional consortia in Central Alberta offering in-service, training and Professional Development activities for all those who influence student learning. We work together with schools, school authorities and our seven partner organizations to offer Professional Development opportunities in an ongoing, coordinated and cost-effective manner.

Our Vision

As an advocate for quality Professional Development, CARC works to facilitate and support, through collaborative networks, the learning opportunities for all individuals and groups having an impact on student learning in Central Alberta.

Our Goals

  • Facilitate Professional Development which supports the effective implementation of:
    • The Alberta Education Business Plan
    • Jurisdiction and School Education Plans
    • Regional School Council Priorities
  • Facilitate Professional Development which supports the effective implementation of curricula, including instruction, assessment, and student learning outcomes
  • Coordinate, broker, and act as a referral centre to assist stakeholders’ access to available Professional Development resources.
  • Deliver Professional Development based on the identified and emerging needs of educational stakeholders.
  • Promote and support the development of Professional Development leadership capacity.
  • Provide stakeholders with access to Professional Development at a reasonable cost.

We plan learning opportunities based on advice from the region we serve, most often received from advisory committees and participant feedback from sessions. We also rely on the professional literature and provincial knowledge about effective Professional Development and curriculum implementation. Provincial resources that guide our work include:

For more information, please contact the Executive Director.

The Board of Directors of the Central Alberta Regional Consortium is pleased to announce the appointment of Patrick Bohnet as Executive Director, commencing the 2016-2017 school year.

Patrick brings more than 30 years of experience in education as a Teacher, Principal and Professional Development Consultant, including more than five years with CARC as the Curriculum Implementation Support Consultant. He has a Master of Education in Educational Administration and a Graduate Diploma in Education Technology.

Patrick knows CARC, its partners and has direct experience working at the provincial level in the implementation of Alberta Education priorities. Patrick is currently the principal of Warburg School in Warburg, Alberta with the Black Gold Regional School Division No. 18. Patrick understands the importance of the effective delivery of professional development and the impact that it has on teacher capacity and student learning.

Patrick is very enthusiastic about working with CARC’s educational partners to provide excellent professional learning opportunities that meet the needs of teachers, school authorities and government priorities.







  • Governance

    CARC is governed by a ten member Board of Directors made up of representatives from the partner organizations.

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  • Plans and Reports

    The CARC Board of Directors provides Alberta Education with an Annual report each year and CARC staff prepares a number of plans and reports throughout the year.

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  • Districts

    CARC partners with eight school jurisdictions in Central Alberta as well as numerous Private and Band schools. Learning opportunities are planned based on advice from the region we serve, most often received from advisory committee members and participant feedback from sessions.

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  • PD Partner Links

    CARC partners with many organizations to develop and implement effective professional development.

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  • Presenter Information

    CARC is pleased to have a variety of presenters share their expertise throughout the year. Presenter forms and information are provided to assist presenters prior to and following learning opportunities.

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  • Competencies

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