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SIVA Training (Supporting Individuals Through Valued Attachments)
Presented by: Jackie Lea, CCYC
Monday, January 20, 2020 | 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Tuesday, January 21, 2020 | 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Session Location:
Central Alberta Regional Consortium 8 Page Avenue, Red Deer, AB
About the Session:
SIVA (Supporting Individuals Through Valued Attachments) is a Canadian-created safety management course for educators, mental health professionals, residential care providers and caregivers responsible for individuals with emotional and behavioural challenges. SIVA’s holistic relationship-based model effectively utilizes collaboration, goal-direction, self-management and healthy empowerment to strengthen relationships and create safety. Thousands of professionals and caregivers have embraced the SIVA model as their training program of choice. SIVA has been described as “a refreshing alternative to crisis focused programs.” SIVA is recognized by the Canadian Accreditation Council and agencies who have completed C.A.R.F. (Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation have received an exemplary designation for their use of the SIVA program. 
During the 2-Day Training Course participants will receive guided instruction and hands-on experience in learning the hallmark philosophy, guiding principles and applied modules of the SIVA Program. 
The following are the core modules of the SIVA Safety Management Program: 

 Self-Care; identify and manage compassion fatigue through self-introspection and support systems 

 Proactive Safety Management Evaluations 

 Development of Collaborative WISE Plans 

 Development of Communication Skills that are goal-directed and build upon Collaborative WISE Plans 

 Emergency Safety Interventions for those situations that present an imminent risk of harm to self or others 

 Post interventions Management through environmental safety, debriefing and incident report writing 
For more information go to www.sivatraining.ca 
About the Presenter(s):
Jackie Lea, CCYC

Jackie has been on an adventure in the human services industry in Southern Alberta for over 25 years. Her experience has ranged from front-line service delivery, training, negotiating contracts, licensing and accreditation, mediation/facilitation, school, agency and home based clinical behavioural consultation, program development and management. Jackie has worked collaboratively with School Districts, Children’s Services, Disability Services, Health Services, post-secondary institutions, numerous service providers and a network of local and provincial bodies to provide a continuum of care in our region.
Jackie believes strongly in working as a team and is passionate about serving individuals, families and caregivers to ensure the best outcomes and most meaningful quality of life. One of Jackie’s dedicated platforms has been her role as a SIVA (Supporting Individuals through Valued Attachments) Trainer for over 13 years. Jackie endorses SIVA in all elements of her professional practice and has enjoyed promoting the model through introduction and training in a wide variety of milieus, including but not limited to: public and separate school districts; community and residential agencies; post-secondary institutions and government funding bodies. Jackie’s role within the SIVA family grew in 2015 when she took on the position of Professional Trainer in order to help educational facilities and service providers build proactive capacity within their organizations.

Cancellation Policy:

Request for cancellation or refund must be received in writing (fax/email) at the CARC office a minimum of 7 FULL days prior to the event start, or registration fees will apply and refunds will not be issued. If you are unable to attend a session and unable to provide seven FULL days’ notice, please feel free to delegate an alternate to attend in your place. CARC also reserves the right to cancel an event within the 7 calendar days due to unforeseen circumstances such as facility closures, terrorist threats, natural disasters or extreme inclement weather (-35 C or colder). Cancellation notices should be sent to npenney@carcpd.ab.ca.

Registration Deadline: January 18, 2020
Cost: $350.00
Focus(es): Inclusive Education, Mental Wellness
Grade Level(s): K-12
Audience: Educators, Mental Health professionals, Care providers, Caregivers