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Joyful Literacy
Presented by: Dr.Janet Mort
Thursday, May 07, 2020 | 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Session Location:
Central Alberta Regional Consortium 8 Page Avenue, Red Deer, AB
About the Session:

The Joyful Primary Literacy Intervention That Works--Preschool to Grade Three
K/1/2 interventions are the best way to prevent future school failures. Join us for a dynamic active-learning experience!

It is very difficult for the school system to intervene once children have failed to reach grade level success after grade one. Our team at Joyful Literacy have developed a proven strategy – Joyful Literacy Interventions – which once implemented, will result in over 80% of your kindergarten and grade one/two children reading and writing at grade level at the end of the school year. Research has proven that an early K/1/2 intervention is the
critical component to ensure vulnerable children’s success in further grades.

The Joyful Literacy Interventions Strategy (after four years of intervention – K to grade 4) in demonstration sites has proven to raise primary literacy success in hundreds of classrooms with playful, motivating strategies.

Hundreds of classrooms have been involved in field testing Joyful Literacy Interventions in BC, Alberta, and WA State, including three Indigenous Schools. We have the data to prove our assertion that over 80% of your kindergarten and grade one/two children will be able to read and write at grade level at the end of each school year, once the strategies we propose are implemented. Our design is research-based.

You will leave with everything you need to start the week you get home including:

  • All Circle Charts for K/1/2 for Foundational Skills and instructions about how
    to use them;
  • a description of essential phonological skills and how to assess and teach them;
  • a book of 50 template games for practicing alphabet skills and sight words;
  • a summary of the most recent research;
  • Fun fluency ways to implement and pump up reading levels and more and getting children excited bout being performers.

If you are experienced in K/1,/2 this session will energize you. If you are new to K/1, this experience will prepare and inspire you for the upcoming school year.

As author of Joyful Literacy Interventions, Dr. Janet Mort will be leading the presentation team, assisted by classroom teacher(s) who have already implemented Joyful Literacy
strategies successfully in their own classrooms.
Please share this invitation with your principal and literacy leaders. We know that schools have maximum success when school teams are engaged.


About the Presenter(s):
Dr.Janet Mort

Janet is passionate about early childhood literacy and the implementation of interventions for vulnerable children.  Her book is based on her research-based beliefs:

  •  90% of all children are capable of reading and writing at grade level by the end of grade 2 if we do the right things in K, 1 and 2.  Research has shown that this is true despite the impact of poverty, ethnicity and the lack of early literacy experience in some children's lives.
  • Interventions must begin aggressively in kindergarten to close the "experiential gap."
  • Interventions can and must be implemented in a joyful play-based environment.
  • Essential literacy skills must be assess, taught and tracked until mastery is achieved.

Janet is currently working with over 200 teachers who are implementing her findings, and early results demonstrate concrete success.  In the last three years, Janet has organized twelve Summits which feature some of the most renowned researches, Dr. Richard Allington, Ruth Culham, Regie Routman, Debbie Diller, Pat Johnson, Lori Jamison Rog, Miriam Trehearne, Dr. Lesley Mandel Morrow, Dr. Anne Cunningham and representatives from Demonstration Sites.

Cancellation Policy:

Request for cancellation or refund must be received in writing (fax/email) at the CARC office a minimum of 7 FULL days prior to the event start, or registration fees will apply and refunds will not be issued. If you are unable to attend a session and unable to provide seven FULL days’ notice, please feel free to delegate an alternate to attend in your place. CARC also reserves the right to cancel an event within the 7 calendar days due to unforeseen circumstances such as facility closures, terrorist threats, natural disasters or extreme inclement weather (-35 C or colder). Cancellation notices should be sent to npenney@carcpd.ab.ca.

Registration Deadline: April 30, 2020
Cost: $250.00
Focus(es): Early Learning
Grade Level(s): Pre K - 3
Audience: Teachers