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How to Prepare Your Library for Year End
Presented by: Chandra Turgeon, Jennifer Kosiorek, Marjorie Jantzen
Tuesday, May 26, 2020 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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About the Session:

Come join the group and hear how we can wind down our library checklists in the current circumstances.  A checklist template will be provided to consider.  Discussion will follow with ‘Who will look after the list?’  And ‘How will this make our roles easier when we get back to our normal routines in the fall?’  Bring your ideas, practices in place and questions to share with the group!  Invite the person who may be completing this checklist if it will not be your role!

About the Presenter(s):
Marjorie Jantzen

Marjorie is the Division Library Technician for Chinook’s Edge School Division, working to provide the Just Right resources for students and staff.  With 25+ years of experience working in different libraries she has seen a lot of changes. The increasing use of technology for learning and its integration into Libraries is exciting. Marjorie is always on the lookout for something new that she can share with Division Library Staff and students that will enhance the learning experience.

Marjorie is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University in Adult Education and the SAIT Library Program.  She enjoys reading, sewing and the art of bookbinding.

Chandra Turgeon

My name is Chandra Turgeon and I am a Library Tech who has been working at Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools for the last 10 years and for the last 5 years in the Learning Commons.  In that time I have learned many new things and tried some of them out with my students (sometimes they have worked beautifully and sometimes they have not worked at all but from each I learn!)  I love coding, makerspace and the feeling of accomplishment when I figure something out. I especially love books though; there is nothing that lights me up more than a good chat about a book.

Jennifer Kosiorek

Jennifer’s love for literature began at the age of 15 when introduced to a scandalous romance author by the name of Danielle Steel. Since then Jennifer’s taste has evolved to include most genrés of literature and in almost in any format. Over the past 20 years of being a librarian, Jennifer has been proud to be part of the transition libraries have been undergoing into Learning Commons but still remains passionate about keeping the Library and library fundamentals in the Learning Commons.

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Focus(es): Learning Commons
Grade Level(s): K-12
Audience: Librarians, Library Techs