Learning Opportunity

Managing Anxiety

This session has been completed.
Facilitator: Tammy Schamuhn
Date:September 27, 2022
Time:4:00 pm to 6:00 pm MTN
Location: Virtual
Session Code: 23-MH-053-CARC
Focus: Inclusive Education Mental Health and Wellness

Target Audience

All educators, parents, caregivers

About this Learning Opportunity

Do the children you work with struggle with anxiety: panic attacks, separation anxiety, stomach aches, headaches, tantrums, obsessions/compulsions, avoidance of activities, racing thoughts, or troubles with sleep? 

Anxiety has many faces, and at this workshop, Tammy Schamuhn, will guide  participants in understanding the psychological and physiological roots of anxiety, why it is on the rise in our children, and what to do to help children better manage it.

This course has a holistic* and strength-based approach that focuses on professionals can do vs. stigmatizing children who are struggling. Attendees will be given resources and direct tools to help their child, or the children they work with, overcome this emotional obstacle.

This learning opportunity is being subsidized through funding from Alberta Education.

About the Facilitator

Tammy Schamuhn

Tammy is a Registered Psychologist and Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. Tammy also has a Bachelors of Education from the University of Alberta and practiced as an elementary teacher in Edmonton before going on to complete her Masters degree in Psychology. Tammy is the Founder and former Executive Director of Family Counselling Centres, and the Co-Founder and Director of the Institute of Child Psychology.

Tammy has been working in private practice for the past decade in Alberta,... Read more »