Learning Opportunity

Collaborative Teams...Together We Can Make a Difference!

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Facilitator: Sonia Yudcovitch
Date:October 25, 2022
Time:9:00 am to 3:30 pm MTN
$50.00 (CAD)
Location: Ponoka (CARC)
4900 54 St. Ponoka AB T4J 1N8
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Session Code: 23-IE-002-CARC
Focus: Inclusive Education

Target Audience

Teachers and EAs are encouraged to attend together

About this Learning Opportunity

 The mandate of inclusion in our Alberta classrooms requires a greater understanding of the needs of the exceptional learners and how to integrate them effectively while meeting the specific needs as outlined in the IPP. At the same time, teachers need to also attend to the needs of the rest of the class. A well-trained and knowledgeable E.A. is an asset to every classroom, but it is important to adjust the role to effectively address the paradigm shift that occurs with inclusion. This was evident during the COVID pandemic. The value of the E.A. cannot be underestimated!

Several other administrative interventions such as the formation of an Interdisciplinary Team will now need to be established in order to be accountable for the progress of coded students and other exceptional learners in each classroom.

 This workshop takes a detailed look at a variety of options to ensure the smooth transition and effective functioning of an inclusive classroom.

 The topics examined by participants in this workshop include:

·                  CLARIFYING ROLES: What precisely are the roles of the teacher and E.A. in the collaborative team?

·                  COMMUNICATION, TRUST, FLEXIBILITY: With inclusion the E.A. is in the classroom all the time as "pull-out" is no longer acceptable or encouraged. It is crucial for the teacher/E.A. team to work well together!

·                  UNDERSTANDING STUDENT NEEDS A/C TO AB. CODING: The approaches to working with exceptional learners vary according to their coding. Participants will learn strategies appropriate to the needs of "Mild, Moderate and Severe" coding and other important considerations when working with these students.

·                  KNOWLEDGEABLE RE: STRATEGIES AND ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY: Specialized technology is now available to help exceptional learners to complete tasks with the rest of the class. A list of some of the available technology available for these students, depending on need, is included.

·                  DELINEATION OF DUTIES AND "LINE OF AUTHORITY”: If a collaborative team is to be successful, it is important to understand whom to communicate with directly, so there is no confusion.

·                  TAKING CARE OF SELF AND EACH OTHER...MUTUAL SUPPORT: All change brings with it a certain degree of challenge, uncertainty and stress. Participants will share ideas to relax and support each other and be guided through some ideas that may be helpful to them.

This learning opportunity is being subsidized through funding from Alberta Education.

About the Facilitator

Sonia Yudcovitch

Sonia Yudcovitch, BPE.,BEd., M.A.(READING), M.A. (Ed.), is passionate about teaching and learning. She is committed to life-long learning and continues to be a speaker at conferences and school district Professional Days, in Alberta and in other places.

Sonia draws on her years of experience in several capacities: as a classroom teacher, Resource teacher and Program Specialist with the Calgary Board of Education, where she was involved also, as a facilitator for teacher training .Her... Read more »