Childhood Anxiety: Understanding and Helping Children Heal (Calgary)

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Childhood Anxiety: Understanding and Helping Children Heal (Calgary)

Facilitator(s): Tania Johnson
Date:November 06, 2021
Time:9:00 am to 5:00 pm MDT
$71.95 (CAD) (20% off regular cost)
Location: Calgary (University of Calgary)
2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
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Course code: 22-MH-063-CARC

Target Audience

This presentation is appropriate for parents, educators, child care professionals, caregivers, and mental health professionals.

About this learning opportunity

Does your child or the children you work with struggle with anxiety: panic attacks, separation anxiety, stomach aches, headaches, tantrums, obsessions/compulsions, avoidance of activities, racing thoughts, or troubles with sleep? 

Anxiety has many faces, and at this workshop parents, caregivers, and professionals will learn about the psychological and physiological roots of anxiety, why it is on the rise in our children, and what to do to help children better manage it.

This course has a holistic* and strength-based approach that  focusses on what we as caretakers, parents, and professionals can do vs. stigmatizing children who are struggling. Various facets of the child’s environment will be explored that can contribute to a child’s emotional struggles.

Join Tania Johnson, R. Psychologist, R. Play Therapist, Co-Founder: Institute of Child Psychology, as we explore the research and theory research and theory in the field of mental health, education, attachment, naturopathic medicine, and  interpersonal neurobiology will be explored.   Attendees will be given resources and direct tools to help their child, or the children they work with, overcome this emotional obstacle.

This workshop aims to enlighten, empower, and inspire those who take care of our children.


  • Identify neurobiological and physiological mechanisms that underline anxiety
  • Describe ways in which parenting styles can contribute to anxiety in children
  • Implement a variety of emotion regulation strategies
  • Recognize environmental and societal factors that contribute towards the increase in anxiety amongst children
  • Explore pharmacological and naturopathic treatment options

About the facilitator(s)

Tania Johnson: R. Psychologist, R. Play Therapist, Co-Founder: Institute of Child Psychology